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IGNITE Wrestling Celebrates Bow Tie Day

August 28 is Bow Tie Day, an annual holiday that celebrates the elegant fashion accessory usually worn by men at formal occasions.  We here at IGNITE Wrestling only think of one person when it comes to bow ties, the incomparable Maxwell Chicago.

We were fortunate to have had the pleasure of presenting one of his final pro wrestling matches prior to his retirement but his bow tie memories live on with our fans.

In honor of Bow Tie Day, here are a few quick facts:

No Longer Formal Wear

In the early days, the bow tie was specifically reserved for formal occasions. Black tie attire became a term synonymous with tuxedos worn with black bow ties. Outside of formal events, bow ties gained a reputation of being associated with stodgy intellectualism, thought to be worn by people who did not care much about what others thought of them. In recent years, bow ties have become cool again. Today, they are part of the daily attire of many men and women.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you have never worn a bow tie before, today is the day to procure one and spend some time learning how to tie it.
  • Host a bow tie party. Decorate the venue with bow ties and require all your guests to come wearing a bow tie. Serve cookies and cakes in the shape of bows and give out bow ties as favors or prizes for party games.

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