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Recent Articles

Avery Taylor Signed To NXT

It has been reported by …… that Avery Taylor has been signed to the WWE under the NXT brand. Taylor (real name Taylor Grado) had been signed in early 2020 to the Evolve brand and appeared in September 2020 in a battle royal during an episode of NXT. Taylor who

New Merchandise Lines

We have listened and surveyed our followers for what they are looking for and we listened as we have added new merchandise lines. Now with over 300 items in our online store, we have you covered for IGNITE branded merchandise, fitness, workout gear, motivational, inspirational, and just downright fun shirts,

Top 10 Moments From IGNITE

We asked our fans via email what moments resonated with them from the IGNITE Wrestling Fifth Anniversary show and we have to agree they picked some incredible moments. We can’t help but share these 10 iconic moments that our fans loved best: 10. TECH vs That Klassic Tag Team –

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