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  • Troy Hollywood Set To Debut

    Troy Hollywood Set To Debut In Tournament

    IGNITE Wrestling fans have been patiently waiting since our canceled show in January to finally welcome the arrival of Troy Hollywood.  This amazing Jay Lethal trained superstar has been cutting a path across Florida and he’s ready to show everyone on the Treasure Coast why he’s so dangerous in the ring. A steady fixture...
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  • Gary Jay Enters The Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational Tournament

    Gary Jay Enters The Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational Tournament

    Chairs beware, because Gary Jay has officially entered the Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational Tournament. This midwest indy powerhouse has already wowed fans at IGNITE Wrestling in one of the most extreme matches that we have ever had and his return is going to make serious waves in our locker room. Tickets are on sale...
  • Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational

    Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational Announced

    IGNITE Wrestling is set to take their August 25, 2018 show, Ready For War, to the next level by launching the Inaugural 2018 IGNITE Invitational Tournament as they return to Walking Tree Brewery in Vero Beach, FL. This tournament will feature 12 of the hottest names on the independent wrestling scene vying for the...
  • Kim Artlip | IGNITE Wrestling

    IGNITE Owner Kim Artlip Joins The Gorilla Position As Columnist

    IGNITE Wrestling owner/promoter Kim Artlip adds another line to her extensive resume as she joins The Gorilla Position as a weekly columnist. Writing for the website, Ms. Artlp will “share her thoughts on a wide range of topics, including professional wrestling, marketing, women in sports and various topics of interest.” Artlip has been making...
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