What can we say but IGNITE Wrestling Inferno Hot Sauce is a hit! We have received so many emails and messages about how to use it we wanted to share 20 of our favorite uses. Never had hot sauce and not sure how to use it? Check out 20 uses for our hot sauce you may have never thought of before.

1. Create a wicked wing sauce.

2. Fold into scrambled eggs.

3. Add a perk to your hollandaise.

4. Flavor your tartar sauce.

5. Put a dash of heat/smokiness into ribs.

6. Whisk into a vinaigrette for a salad, or alongside ketchup and mayo for a thousand island dressing.

7. Add a bit of bang to your burger.

8. Combine a few drops with simple syrup, then toss with a fruit salad.

9. Swirl into soups (tortilla soup, black bean, chili, hot and sour soup)

10. Add to ground pork to make your own breakfast sausage patties.

11. Stir into shepherd’s pie for a contemporary burn to an old classic.

12. Create a spicy mayonnaise as a dipping sauce or spread.

13. Make a Mexican hot chocolate to warm up with.

14. Liven up your cocktail sauce.

15. Melt with butter and douse over your movie popcorn–yum!

16. Melt in with cheese or chocolate for a sinfully hot fondue.

17. Dollop on raw oysters for fresh-out-of-the-sea heat.

18. Caramelize onions, mix with hot sauce; top a burger.

19. Stir into mustard, pile onto a hot dog or use as a dip for pigs in a blanket.

20. Have a little extra pulled pork? Add a hefty dose of hot sauce; pile into a tortilla for a pulled pork taco.

Love those? Share your favorites and don’t forget to grab your very own bottle in our online shop.

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