Jake Parnell has acquired a near cult status in the midwest for his insane offensive and an in-ring accident that transformed him from gutsy competitor to a beast who doesn’t quit, no matter what.

Jake Parnell was severely injured during a match with Gary Jay for the Zero1 USA promotion that went quickly viral.

The two headlined the show in a Last Man Standing match that perhaps got a little out of control, with most of the ring and ringside area – including the ring ropes themselves – being completely dismantled and torn apart. At one point late into the match Gary Jay caught Parnell with the hook on one of the displaced ring ropes and threw him out of the ring altogether. The problem is, what was supposed to be a harmless spot turned freak accident, as the hook stayed in his mouth until ripping a huge gash in the side of his face.

What makes it all the more insane is that Parnell actually finished the rest of the Last Man Standing match and took some pretty nasty bumps with his mouth(es?) literally hanging open in two places. Now that is focus that is beyong insane and shocking that the match wasn’t stopped but he showed fans and wrestlers everywhere that nothing would stop him.

Since that match he has transformed his body into a lithe steamlined machine and has been double stomping his way through the indy scene.

While only have one appearance at IGNITE Wrestling, fans still harken back to his match with Gym Nasty Boys member Timmy Lou Retton in 2017. The match which was held in crippling heat started out with Parnell charging the ring and circling the entire ring area pumping up the crowd for a match with several OMG moments that are now forever etched in the IGNITE archives of matches that we can ever forget. 

From his combines assaults on both Timmy Lou Retton and his ringside companion White Mike, he double stomped his way into the minds of fans. Taunting younger fans as Timmy Lou Retton lay prone on the floor at ringside, he bought the heel heat to a fever pitch. 

Will IGNITE fans be part of the going feud between the Warhorse Jake Parnell and Gary Jay? It is too soon to speculate but IGNITE Wrestling has definite interest in bringing both back to the ring. But will it be against each other remains to be seen as talks continue. With his killer work schedule, he’s becoming a fixture on shows across the country and a go-to guy for matches that are remembered.

We do hope to see him return and see the evolution that he’s undergone in the past two years. For no othe reason than just to see him go airbourne as he double stomps his way into the fan’s hearts and/or ire.All we know is that he’s one of the toughest SOB’s in the sport whether he intended to have the reputation or not. 

It’s not often you see someone come from a horrific injury and turn that night into the fire and inspiration to show the world that he is someone that any wrestling company in the world would be insane to pass by. He took an accident that would have driven others from ever reentering a ring and built a buzz and determination to succeed from it that is beyond inspirational. But we’ve come to see that Jake Parnell is no ordinary wrestler. He’s made of something intangible that takes him to a crazy new level.