She’s known by many monikers nowadays. She’s the Midnight Mermaid, Pro Wrestling’s Waifu, Taco Michinoku and your favorite anime character. Call her what you want, she’s back at IGNITE and she’s determined to reclaim her women’s title.

Aspyn Rose was the first-ever women’s champion winning in a triple threat match in 2018. She eventually dropped the belt only to return in 2021 to IGNITE ready to reclaim the gold.

In the interim, she’s been making a name for herself across the US with appearances at MV Young’s Poly Am Cult Party 3 and 4, as well as New South, Action Wrestling and several other promotions.

The Surge Haired Siren has even made her presence felt as she joined the deathmatch wrestling scene at No Peace Underground. It appears that she’s easily swimming into any and all wrestling genres with ease and doing what she does best. Make a statement.

We look forward to her return to the IGNITE ring in 2022 as we restart our women’s singles division as well as expand our tag team division. So be prepared to see quite a bit of this feisty young competitor who has only gotten better with age and experience.

Who knows? Maybe we may even see her in intergender competition at some point at IGNITE. You never know with Aspyn Rose