IGNITE Wrestling is known for marching to the beat of their own drum with their family centric approach to wrestling helmed by a female owner/promoter who has taken their merchandise lines from the ordinary to the downright tasty. 

The company is perhaps equally well known for their hot sauce line which has now evolved into the newest line the company offers as they launch their IGNITE Eats line that features steak rubs, seasonings for fish, chicken, and chili powder and a new popcorn seasoning line.

The popcorn seasonings feature different varieties, in flavors like “Cajun,” “Smoky BBQ,” and “Parmesan Herb,”  “Hot Chocolate,” and “Italian”.  They are shakeable versions of these popcorn additions, with finely ground salt to stick to kernels, for all over coverage.

“They’re great for kids!” says IGNITE Wrestling owner, Kim Artlip. “It’s a fun way to get them involved in the cooking process – they feel like they’re helping to cook the popcorn, but with none of the mess of melted butter or cheese.” IGNITE Eats popcorn seasons are the perfect choice for families that can’t seem to agree on their favorite flavor. “Instead of buying different snacks for everyone, it’s very inexpensive to make a big pot of popcorn, and just have everyone choose the seasoning that they like,” says Artlip.

The seasonings can be a bit bold and that goes a long way, and naturally they can be used in other recipes, aside from making popcorn more festive. Suggestions might include adding to salads, a cob of corn or a baked potato. Or you might even decide to mix it up with a cream cheese or mayonnaise to make a chip or pretzel dip.

IGNITE Eats spices and seasonings are as innovative as they are familiar – a fun and flavorful customizable way to make every bite delicious. Available for sale in the United States through IGNITEEats.com.