After The Bell: Chuckles The Clown

How old were you when you saw your first live wrestling match?
Maybe 7?
Where did you begin your training and who trained you?
Originally OVW by Mike Mondo and Rip Rogers. Then by the Dudley Boys at the Team 3D Academy.
What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?
Secular haze by Ghost. A friend of mine heard it and said it reminded them of me. I listened and it made me want to fight things so……………..
Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?
AAAAAAaaaaarrrrrrrgggggg…………I have too many! If I start, then I won’t be able to stop. From my trainers to the people I’ve gotten to fight, to the ones I want to fight in the future. there are way too many, and I’ll feel bad for anyone I forgot to list. So I’ll just say Mick Foley. Many of his matches meant a lot to me, and I swore an oath after one in particular, that I would be a pro wrestler. (wooooo, it was cheesy)
Who would your dream match be against?
Again, the list is long but at the top would be Mick Foley
Other than the dream match opponent, is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to one day?
Again, the list is extremely long. But I’d say Jon Cruz and Jay Rios. They helped train me, and about 80 percent of anything I do right, is because of them. Sometimes fighting people is my way of saying thank you, and I have a lot to thank them for.
What is something that not many people know about you?
I know all the words to Spamelot.
Finish this statement, if I wasn’t involved in wrestling I would be….


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