You are sitting in front of your television set with your favorite snack. It’s your favorite show of the week and you hear the entrance music hit for Sami Zayn but what. minute…..those two bodyguards look familiar. What!!! It’s Terrell and Terrance Hughes from TNT making an unannounced cameo in spot as bodyguards.

Face it, with the COVID shutdown we have seen our fair share of extras appearing on AEW, RAW, WWE Underground and Smackdown playing guards, security, trainers, medics, wrestling, or as spectators. But how many have you seen who have appeared at IGNITE Wrestling? Here’s who we have seen so far:

Red Velvett

Kilynn King

Skyler Moore


Alan Angels

Warhorse Jake Parnell

TNT (Terrence and Terrell Hughes)

Timmy Lou Retton

Marina Tucker

Sofia Castillo

Avery Taylor

Justin Blax

Eric Child

Chico Adams

Nick Nero

Romeo Quevedo

The Brothers Lockhart (Andrew & Erik)

Jon Cruz

Mr 450

Katalina Perez

Jason Cade

Jay Sky and Richard King (Rapture)

Maxx Stardom