IGNITE Wrestling Magazine Returns August 14

IGNITE Wrestling Magazine Returns August 14, 2019. After a phenomenal response to our first issue, we are hard at work on the next issue of IGNITE Wrestling Magazine. The second issue will be available online and in print on August 14th. Created especially for the fans, we take a look behind the scenes with in-depth articles and features on the numerous wrestlers who have called IGNITE home.

Our first issue of IGNITE Wrestling Magazine (affectionately called IGNITE Mag) featured Kaci Lennox on the cover is available in digital format. It is available on our website here. Fans feedback on that format has lead us to making the digital versions more readily available for tablets and more. We will do a limited print run for our readers who enjoy the sensation of holding a physical magazine as well.

We pride ourselves on our out of the box style and ability to bring fans options and items that aren’t seen often on the indy wrestling landscape. So having our own indy wrestling magazine that features our company and the incredible wrestlers naturally was a perfect evolution for us.

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  • Emily
    Posted July 27, 2019 10:57 pm 0Likes

    That’s so flipping cool that you guys got a magazine!

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