IGNITE Wrestling Magazine Returns

IGNITE Wrestling Magazine returns with more behind the scenes looks at your favorite IGNITE wrestlers in our indy wrestling magazine. This new 36-page digital issue also introduces fans to sports columnist and IGNITE supporter, Jim Phillips. He brings a rich history of sports writing as the Senior Editor-Classic Wrestling at The Gorilla Position, Publicist at The Evan Ginzburg Radio Show and wrestling fan extraordinaire.

Due to fan feedback, all issues will now be digital so that they can be easily enjoyed by our worldwide audience! Our Introductory issue was read by avid fans in over 15 countries. Isn’t it amazing how pro wrestling is such a universal language and equalizer? We love talking wrestling and having this incredible opportunity to use technology so that wrestling fans across the globe and be introduced to our roster. We feel that our wrestlers are some of the best in the biz!

Access to the magazine is now behind a paygate so please note that you will be able to view the digital magazine until you purchase your membership to it. All notifications for it as well as your login information will be sent to your email inbox. Purchase yours today.

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