Kilynn King is just one of those individuals that you meet and you think to yourself that you want to remember this moment because you know she’s got so much potential that she’s going to an impact in women’s wrestling. Known as the Queen Of Crazy, she’s taken on everyone from Leva Bates , Jamie Senegal, Trish Adora, Robyn Reid, Lindsay Snow, Skyler Moore, and Jason Dugan to intergender tag matches partnering with the likes of Milo Beasley and Deimos. 

No matter what the match or who she facing across the squared circle she’s ready and willing to put it all on the ling to win. Her size and power made her stand out in a sea of smaller opponents but she’s got control and ring skills beyond her years.

Trained by the Dudley Boys, Jon Cruz, Billy Gunn, and Jay Rios, she’s got the pedigree of her school behind her to give her the ring skills needed to succeed in the industry and she’s fairly new into the sport and claimed one title but is a contender at various other promotions so we can easily envision her adding to her collection of belts with her repertoire of ring skills and sheer power.

With her martial arts background from six years of training, she has the discipline and the physical prowess to one of the top women in the world. While many wrestlers have spent the quarantine bemoaning the lack of work, she’s stepped up to the next level on AEW taking on the likes of Penelope Ford, Christi Jaynes, Mel, Diamante, Nyla Rose, and tagging against the Brandi Rhodes and Allie along with Skyler Moore.

We anxiously await the announcement of the AEW Women’s Tag Tournament to see if we will see more Kilynn King in tag team action. For now, we cheer loudly for the Queen Of Crazy and watch her rise in the sport.