Maxwell Chicago Announces Retirement; Will Not Compete On April 22nd

Nothing is for sure when you step foot inside a professional wrestling ring. Every performer, whether they’ve wrestled one match or one thousand matches, puts their bodies and lives on the line each and every time. Due to this, we must now inform our fans that Maxwell Chicago has officially announced his retirement from Professional Wrestling and will be unable to compete on April 22nd in Fort Pierce, FL and will be replaced by Josh Hess in his match-up against CJ O’Doyle.

Maxwell posted the following on Facebook last night: “It is with a heavy heart but also with substantial relief that I announce that I will be walking away from Professional Wrestling. I’ve wrestled for 10 plus years now and I am certain that this is the time to hang it up. I loved every minute I was in the ring. From the day I stepped between the ropes and got to be trained by one of my hero’s Marty Jannetty to this recent Wrestlemania weekend in Dallas where I wrestled for the FIP title. As much as I’d like to continue I simply cannot due to health reasons. I was never about the wrestling hobby lifestyle nor did I want to be that guy who just stayed around way too long. I always wanted to excel and progress through the wrestling world and I felt I achieved many impressive, yet small successes. My favorite thing to do was to turn crowds at shows. Those crowds that either booed me, or just didn’t know who I was then in 6 minute match have them cheering and chanting for me. I felt like I represented the crowd. Just that dorky guy that wanted to have fun and have everyone who bought a ticket have fun. But after all the chants, after all the minor successes, after doing everything I possible could to impress, it simply wasn’t enough. I have now realized that my health and my sanity are much more important than that fake brass ring I never really got to even lay a finger on was. The love from the fans and admiration from even some of the most famous wrestlers made some dreams come true, but in the end my journey was always full of answers that came before the questions of “could I do it?” I started from the gulf coast. The gulf coast was the very bottom of the barrel, and worked as hard I could to get on as many shows as I could. I didn’t have any help. I didn’t know anyone anywhere. I guess in a sense I still don’t. But I worked as hard as I could and tried to do everything could to get better and network. I paid as many dues as I could in as many ways as I could. In many ways in paid off. I garnered respect from many top guys. I won the most prestigious Florida title in existence as a “comedy act”. I travelled all over the United States meeting all kinds of people. Probably partying and acting a fool too much at times. But I became the go to guy for entertainment (still behind cabana and chuckie t) but I also wanted that reputation to putting on a stellar match. I garnered so much, but took a lot of what really mattered to me for granted. I would want to stick around because I got these small successes, but in the end what was I left with? Nothing really. A back so sore I couldn’t sleep, a bladder that pissed out blood, and mind just too fatigued to think straight. When we all start you believe in your dream. I never really set any goals, but I wanted to be that guy that could put on a great match if needed, and make the audience laugh so much they teared up. That guy that who could be included on the “serious” wrestling show as well as could be featured on the wrestling show that was suppose to always be about fun and laughs. I can’t say I didn’t get shots, and when I got um I hit a home run every single time. But this isn’t baseball. No matter how many homers you hit… If you don’t have the right “thing” you’ll never get called up. It makes you question “did I ever really do anything?”. So I’ll start over with something new. Start over trying to get my health and my mind right. So I’ll end my wrestling life the way I can be ok with. With a hall of famer telling me how entertaining I was and how I was one of the most fun wrestlers he’s ever seen. With the kind words of those British guys who can do such amazing things I can’t even fathom, telling me how fun my style was and why wasn’t I on “these” shows more. With a text in the middle of the night from another hall of famer saying he had heard about my performance and how proud he was of me. With tons of people telling me of how proud they were of me. With after one match getting 97 more twitter followers in one night just cause I did a little comedy. With being different. I’m not bitter. Im happy I got to have all my small successes, but I am worn out. I am in physical and mental agony, but I’m ok with this. I did it my way. For all of you that supported me… I will always and forever appreciate it. It’s hard for me to judge people and it’s hard for them… Not to judge me. Yeah something like that…”
We are very saddened to learn of Maxwell’s retirement, but we here at IGNITE Wrestling are strong believer of thinking positively! Which is why we will celebrate the 10+ year career of Maxwell, his incredible matches, and successes. We thank you Maxwell!

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