Memorial Day 2017: Honoring Those Who Served

Before you start drinking for Memorial Day, take a moment to learn the history behind the observance. It’s more than just a long weekend full of barbecue — it’s a patriotic holiday intended to honor the Americans who have protected the country.

Memorial Day was started as a way to remember the more than 620,000 people who died in Civil War, which has been called the bloodiest conflict on U.S. soil. The first official Memorial Day observance took place in 1866 in Carbondale, Illinois, but the official “birthplace of Memorial Day” is Waterloo, New York, according to CNN. At the time, it was referred to as Decoration Day.

Over the years, the observance widened in scope to include all American casualties of war. It became a formal national holiday in 1971 and has been observed ever since.

This Memorial Day, as we relax with family and watch parades, let’s remember the price paid by our military service members and their families.   Let’s thank and honor those wrestlers, fans, and family members who served to protect and defend us.



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