Pro Wrestling And Hot Sauce Make A Slamming Combination

This Florida indy wrestling not only announced their next live event, but also their Amazon FireTV channel and an exclusive new hot sauce….and…wait, what? Hot sauce? You read that right! We’re all hot under the collar for the Treasure Coast’s Only Pro Wrestling Hot sauce aptly named Inferno. What can we say but we think pro wrestling and hot sauce make a slamming combination.

If you have a taste for some heat then you are going to enjoy a little bit of spice in your life, as IGNITE Wrestling unveils a garlic habanero hot sauce that’s just the ticket! We can’t wait to serve this up ringside to our fans at our next live event!

But you are a hot sauce fan like use and are interested in purchasing your very own Inferno hot sauce, the link to purchase is provided here. We can’t wait to show the world that IGNITE not only is burning up the indy wrestling scene but lighting up your taste buds too!

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