What can we say but you should have been there for every twist, turn and betrayal. This show had so much drama that fans were left screaming in rage or speechless at the turn of events. 

Match Results – IGNITE Wrestling Presents No Limits

September 14, 2019

Walking Tree Brewery – Vero Beach, FL

Preshow Match

Tye Hill def Russ Gavn

Critical Mayhem def That Klassic Tag Team

Gabriel Lacey def Victor Vences

Number One Contenders Four Way Match (Ethan Case, Troy Hollywood, Serpentico, Jason Cade)

Troy def Serpentico 

Kaci Lennox (IGNITE Women’s Champion) def Kilynn King

Hunter Law def Leon Scott

TECH (Tag Team Champions) def Brutal Impact

Aaron Epic (Undisputed Champion) def Erick Stevens