Are you a local business looking for a new way to attract new customers? Maybe we can help with options starting at just $25!

IGNITE Wrestling is actively looking for like-minded business looking to make an impact at our next live event in Vero Beach, FL on August 25th! Becoming a sponsor or vendor at a live wrestling event, our website and/or social media is a great way to get your name out there to an entirely new audience.

We have many options, at many different price levels, so we are confident we have something that will work great for your needs.

These are just some of the ways you can get involved:
✓ Program Ads – Get your company included in our show program
✓ Poster Ads – Get your company included on our event poster(s)
✓ Vendor/Company Booth – Get your information and products out there to an entirely new audience
✓ Sponsoring Matches – Your company is named as a match sponsor
✓ Sponsor a Wrestler – You company gets to sponsor an athlete for the night
✓ Website Banner Advertising – be seen by wrestling fans from all over FL and the world on our website
✓ Banner Ad Program – Have your companies banner predominantly displayed at Live-Event(s)
✓ Commercial Advertising – Have your ads seen on Amazon Prime, Twitch, Pivotshare and other streaming platforms
✓ Ticket Sponsorship – Have your company help bring the action to the community on our tickets with your logo or coupon on all purchased tickets!

We also have opportunities for companies who would like to buy blocks of tickets for our live events. Some companies will use them as employee rewards, gifts, or just to let their hardworking staff have a fun night out!!

You will get a great deal on the tickets, preferred seating and cool exclusive collectibles.
If you have a large group coming, contact us, we will coordinate your needs with our support staff and make sure everyone has a great time!!

These are just some of the sponsorship possibilities that exist, we have many others as well.
Contact us TODAY, we have packages to fit any size company or budget.

Is your business interested in becoming an official IGNITE Wrestling sponsor? Complete this general inquiry form for sponsorship and advertising requests.

Name and Title

Phone Number

Email Address

Please provide more information on your organization.


Link to website or page

Please provide sponsorship interest information.

Twitch Digital Advertising (Frequency and size determines rate)
Social Media Digital Advertising (Frequency determines rate)
Small Physical Advertising (Poster, cards)
Large Physical Advertising (Banners)
Vendor Table at show

Sponsorship Budget (Please indicate if monthly or yearly)

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