One of the surprise matches from IGNITE Wrestling Presents Valor featured lucha star Romeo Quevedo making his debut against the formidable force Gabriel “Gabezilla” Lacey. A fixture in the South Florida wrestling scene he’s been making his presence known in matches across the state in various promotions but has been widely known as one of the stars of CCW close to his home of Miami.
Originally considered to be more of a hoss style match it was anything but that as these two powerhouses went at it in the center of the ring.. After his ring entrance with gear that drew cheers from the crowd, he went on an aerial offensive that drew gasps from the crowd as he flew off the turnbuckles defying gravity in a show of speed and power. Landing deadly chops and strikes he showed no fear of the largest man in the IGNITE roster.
One would think he would be equally as intimidating in person but fans came from the show talking about his likeability factor, humor and his personality both in and out of the ring. Definitely a new favorite of our younger attendees, he created quite a following who have made it known to IGNITE that they definitely want more of the man known as the Mercenary Pitbull.
We have been following his matches since before the May 2019 show and he made headlines in August when he traveled to Alabama as he went head to head with TNA superstar/Former WWE Superstar Rhyno in a match that blowing up social media. In interviews prior to the match, Rhyno said he has been watching tape of Quevedo, and he is impressed by his ability.
“He is a great wrestler. He has every factor that makes you a star in the this business,” Rhyno said. “But what he doesn’t have is the support of the people in that crowd. I’m coming here to pick up this win for the hard-working people of Jasper. I’m here to beat Romeo for all the little kids in the audience. By the end of the night, Romeo will feel the Gore!”
During the match, Rhyno had been disqualified after using the same weapon on Quevedo that he has been a victim of but what a match that was.
But what an compliment to receive when one of the best in the business who has been all over the world talks abot your skillset and what you bring to the ring. All we know is that this guy has the tools, the look and the personality inside and outside the ring to really take his career to the next level. He can fight practically any style from lucha to street fight to outright brawl.
He has stood across the ring from talent such as Rhyno, Rich Swann, David Mercury, Pablo Marquez, Dustin Rhodes, Kahagas, Johnny Vandal, Lince Dorado, Mr. 450, 2 Cold Scorpio, Martin Stone, Alex Chamberlain, Aaron Epic, Omar Amir, Sideshow, Tony Storm Troy Hollywood and Snoop Strikes. just to name some of the familiar and formidable names that he has encountered during his career All those various styles and he can hang with the best on their level or taking to his style and wearing them down with his relentless physicality and offense.
Surprisingly, he is not really known for title reigns but not for a lack of ability. He is the go-to guy for main events and headlining matches because of his ability to draw fans from both lucha style to a more brawl crowd. This is what makes him sought after in the south as he can certainly galvanize a crowd and work any opponent he is matched against. That is certainly no easy feat considering his size and power. Normally he would be sheer power but his skills go far beyond that has he has the aerial style of wrestler weighing 50 lbs less than him but he doesn’t diminish his fearless to take to the top turnbuckle and land that flip onto his prone opponent risking his own body in the process.
You would naturally think that after thirteen years in the wrestling business, he would be slowing down and shows the ravages of time on his body but he appears to be hitting his stride as he travels out of state bringing his unique look and agressive fighting style to the ring. It is obvious from his training by Alex G, he’s got the skills to stand out in the sport but it is his adaptability to take in all comers that we enjoy the best. What’s next for him? The sky is the limit for him so we are anxious to see his inevitable return to the IGNITE squared cirlce and who he may face across the ring.