From his wrestling beginnings in Puerto Rico following a family tradition into the ring, Serpentico has been working toward the top of the sport From his ability to defy gravity as he flies from the ropes, turnbuckles and the mat, he’s coiled and ready to strike fear into the heart of any opponent who has the unique misfortune to be booked into a match with him. He has one of the most impressive training backgrounds in the sport having been mentored and trained by none other than Mil Muertes from Lucha Underground. From his ring aggressiveness, aerial skills and his use of chairs he certainly harkens back to his training and mentor but he’s taken it one step further making his character his own. From his aerial skills to his ability to adapt his match from lucha to chain wrestling to outright brawl he can hang with anyone in the sport. 

In a recent interview in Orlando Weekly, he summed up this persona as, “I pattern my look, movements, strikes, and offense on what I interpret to be snake-like. For generations, wrestling has been a battle between a good (face) guy and a bad (heel) guy. In terms of storytelling, this tried and true approach will always work. But it’s also been a staple of wrestling since its inception. I want to take that and turn it on its head. I want there to always be an unease when I wrestle, a sort of unpredictability that comes with being patterned after a snake. Will it strike you? Will it let you be? One will never know. And that’s what I like to portray. Neither “good” nor “bad.” Just me.” 

With over 17 years now in the sport, the list of companies that he has appeared at is extensive, but the most notable ones have been: AEW, WWE/ NXT, Impact Wrestling, Evolve, Ring of Honor, the Crash, Major League Wrestling. On the indy scene he has dominated at IGNITE Wrestling, Ronin Pro, Elev8 Pro (their longest-reigning champion), Pro Wrestling After Dark, Bizarro Lucha, Mucha Lucha Atlanta, PWX, Revolver and many more. All eyes are on him as we predict that he will be one of the next to be signed from the indy scene from his recent outings at AEW.

Article courtesy of IGNITE Wrestling Magazine July 2020 issue.

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