Time to take IGNITE Wrestling fans in a trip in our time machine – the WABAC – to go on the most outrageous events in our history back to August 2018 as we crowned our Inaugural IGNITE Invitational Tournament Champion, The Aztec Warrior Alex Cruz.

The event held at Walking Tree Brewery would provide memorable moments for our fans as it was one of our final events with Rex Bacchus who lost his battle with cancer months later.

The event kicked off with a dark match that forever changed the women’s division at IGNITE as the “Queen of Crazy” Kilynn King took on fellow 3D Academy classmate Skyler Moore in a dark match that left everyone wanting more (or Moore).

The first tournament round featured Alex Cruz vs Justin Blax and gave fans a taste of what was to come. These two tore the ring apart in a match that was furious and fast paced to set the tone. Cruz advanced.

Next we saw best friends Rex Bacchus and CT Brown in a see saw battle with Bacchus using his backbreaker move to take advantage and take the win.

Critical Mayhem tag team partners Carlos Gabriel and Andrew Merlin showed fans one of the most evenly matched fights as the partners matched move for move with the win going to Carlos Gabriel who capitalized on a momentarily stunned Andrew Merlin.

Rounding out the first round matches we saw the debuting Troy Hollywood lose in a hotly contested match to Aaron Epic who deployed his usual underhanded tactics with interference from Aspyn Rose.

The second round saw Alex Cruz and Rex Bacchus put on one show stealing match that had fans on the edge of their seats. Cruz for the win to advance to the final round.

Aaron Epic then took on Carlos Gabriel who was eventually worn down by a series of stunning moves and a piledriver to take the win to face Cruz in the final round.

Punk Pro Champion Tripp Cassidy took on the debuting Gabriel Lacey in a match that nearly saw a new champion and firmly established Lacey as a new fan favorite.

Inaugural Women’s Champion Aspyn Rose took on the Katalina Perez as the two friends rounded out the afternoon leading to tournament finale.

Finally, the match that the entire day had lead to arrived. Alex Cruz battled the wily Aaron Epic who had previously defeated him in their first encounter to claim the IGNITE title. Cruz was relentless in his bid and despite the taunts to stay down, screamed I won’t give up, then flipped the tide of the match and stunned the crowd with a lightning-fast move that won the match and placed him firmly in the record books as our first tournament champion.

That was a trip back in this month in IGNITE Wrestling history.