Troy Hollywood vs Gabezilla Gabe Lacey Match Added

What would be the most insane match that we haven’t had yet at IGNITE?  The answer is Troy Hollywood vs Gabezilla Gabe Lacey.  Fans were treated to two incredible debuts in August when Troy Hollywood put it all on the line to become the Inaugural IGNITE Invitational Tournament Champion only to fall short against IGNITE Champion and ring veteran Aaron Epic.  But we knew our fans wanted more so we are bringing back this high flying super kicking grappler against one of the largest monsters to enter an IGNITE ring.

Hollywood is coming off a hot streak of appearances the past year with appearances on FIP and Future of Honor.   Trained by the legendary Jay Lethal this match up will test him as he will have to use his speed against the raw power of Lacey.

“Gabezilla” Gabriel Lacey who had an amazing debut and now brings his power and size plus his different ring style and training from the world famous Funk Conservatory and Dory Funk as these diverse wrestlers go at it in the ring.  This match has all the elements of an epic encounter and new fan favorite Hollywood pits it all against this nearly 7 foot monster in the ring.  We know whatever the outcome this will be a match that you don’t want to miss.

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